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  DOWNTOWN Grand Rapids services

DAILY SCHEDULED PICKUP is for downtown clients who need small packages delivered to other downtown businesses on a prearranged daily schedule. All deliveries are guaranteed by 5 PM. You may schedule as many errand pick up times as you would like. Our couriers will obtain signatures, file court papers, return time stamped copies, register deeds, and take that extra time and care that makes us more than just a delivery service. These services are contracted on a monthly basis.

SAME DAY DELIVERY is available on an on-call basis. We guarantee delivery within 4 hours of your call. This is for businesses with occasional or sporadic service needs.

ASAP SERVICE is also available between any downtown businesses. Delivery is guaranteed within 1 hour. This service gives you immediate handling of your urgent packages without disrupting your office routine.

around TOWN services

DAILY SCHEDULED PICKUP and on-call services are available for businesses throughout the Grand Rapids area. As our clients' needs have expanded, Professional Courier Services has expanded to meet these needs. We have couriers delivering to metropolitan areas throughout the day.

SAME DAY DELIVERY SERVICE is available to Grand Rapids and mid or west Michigan cities. We guarantee delivery to most locations within 5 hours.

ASAP SERVICE is also available to meet your most urgent needs. We offer 3 levels of ASAP service: PRIORITY 2-3 hour service, ASAP 1-2 hour service and STAT 1 hour or less service.

POST OFFICE PICKUP AND DELIVERY provides you with pickup or delivery of your post office box or call mail. You can get your incoming mail shortly after the post office has it available. We can also deliver your bulk and post office mail.

EXPEDITED PICKUP AND DELIVERY provides you with pickup or delivery of your air courier packages. We will pick up your express air package and deliver to the final destination or get your package to the airport and shipped out on the next available flight.